current project: octopus guy novel

Our protagonist, Oscar, is an ordinary man.

His defining characteristic: he was born with the head of an octopus.

From the neck down, he has the makings of a human. One heart, two lungs, ten fingers, ten
toes. From above the neck, sit a pair of eight tentacles, approximately two-thousand suction cups, a pair of tired eyes and a beak through which he eats and speaks.

At work, he’s stuck  in a cycle of endless job rotations perpetuated by a disingenuous affirmative action program.
After hours, he’s a high-demand bachelor on the fetish dating site, FreakFinder.
In between, he dreads the superficial relationships he’s surrounded by.

Acting like a mask, Oscar’s unique appearance is meant to exaggerate experiences felt by minorities in a homogenous society.
On the inside, he’s not too different from other twenty-something-year-olds.
He goes on bad dates, has unfulfilling relationships, and doesn’t really know where his life is headed.

With time, he decides that it’s time to finally break the cycle and find his place in our world.

slice of life + magical realism

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work in progress - all writing samples subject to change. inquiries, requests, and feedback are welcome